Yellowstone Computer Service offers On-Site computer service for home and business. Our belief is that you should not have to disconnect all of your computer cables, move furniture and bring the computer system to us. Many times in our years of experience we have found that most repairs can be performed On-site. We are thus able to offer convenience and timesavings to our clients. This results in savings that are passed on to you.

We also offer phone quotes, electronic quotes, and On-Site quotes for repairs, upgrades, network, and server installations. In addition to our services we offer On-Site application training. We also are aware that many of us are on our 2nd or even 3rd generation computer system. This has been a requirement for us to have the speed to run today's demanding state of the art applications. YCS has a customized service that allows us to migrate all of your existing data from your old system to your new system, quick, and effectively

Some system failures and repairs may require extensive work. Some of these repairs are based on the job rather than the labor rate. This will usually result in an overall lower cost depending upon the nature of the failure or service requirement.

In addition to specializing in service and repairs, YCS also offers complete computer systems to fit your specific needs. Contact us with your requirements and we will offer a customized solution that will fit your current requirements and allow you to grow the system to meet future demands.

On-Site Diagnostic Service Calls 1 Within 1st 10 miles of Cody 11-25 miles from Cody 26-50 miles from Cody Repairs beyond 50 miles are negotiable
Initial 1st hr diagnostic of system testing and repairs (Included with Service Call). 2 $35 $40 $50 Please Inquire
Labor rate for 2nd On-Site hr. 3 $40 $40 $40 Please Inquire
Off-Site system repairs. 4 $35 $35 $35 $35
On-Site Training rate for 2nd hr. 1, 5 $35 $35 $35 $35
System Migrations 6 $45 $45 $45 $45

1 On-Site service call distant charges are based upon mileage from downtown Cody. Special rates and discounts are available for South Fork residents. The 1st hr of On-Site training is included in the service call.

2 On-Site service call charges include the 1st hr of diagnostics for the labor cost only. Replacement parts and purchased software upgrades are an additional charge based upon the requirement.

3 On-Site labor rates after the 1st hr are an additional $40 per each hr of repair.

4 Off-Site system repairs are based at a shop labor rate of $35 hr. Custom charge are based upon predetermined shop rates.

5 On-Site Training rates are for each additional hr after the service call.

6 System migrations include transfer of all user data files from existing PC to the new system. All application installations are based upon the 2nd hr labor rate 3, and may include the On-Site service call charges towards the migration cost.

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