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System Recovery



We at Yellowstone Computer Services offer System Recovery Services. We have more than ten years experience designing recovery systems for home users, small businesses, and large corporations. We can scale a recovery system to fit your needs.


Im sure most everyone is familiar with the process of storing backups on diskettes, data storage media cartridges, tape drives, etc. However, most of these practices are implemented with a lot of manual intervention and are very unreliable, slow, cumbersome, and unorganized. We offer a host of custom and automated designs that are scaled to meet your individual or company requirements.


To understand this topic better we will present a brief overview of what is meant by system recovery. System recovery is a broad range of computer system data retrieval failures. These can result from several of the following occurrences.


      Hard Drive Failure

      Corrupted File or Data Format

      System Data infected by Viruses

      Miscellaneous Defective Hardware Components

      System wont startup at all

      Lost System Password Information

      Files accidentally deleted

      Data lost after a system upgrade.

      Transfer existing data to a new system

      Lack of an implemented Data backup and retrieval plan


Shown here is a diagram of your computer data storage process.