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Virus Protection

An area of major concern today for all computer users are the possibility of having your system and computer data files infected by a malicious attack. These attacks come in many forms and disguises. Often times we have seen PCs with slow startup times, poor overall system performance, frequently crashing, or memory errors. Many times these are a result from a system infection. The description above will exist only if the infection is not a severe attack. So what does a severe attack look like you ask? Well severe attacks can result in a complete failure of the computer system to even startup, or will result in much data lost. Today we see common attacks that are in the form of E-mail and word processor infections. These types of virus infections look in and search through your private E-mail address books, modify computer system files to allow others to see private and personal information. Literally thousands of new viruses are created each month. So what exactly is a virus you ask?

A virus is actually a computer application that is written in such a way to be damaging and reoccurring in nature. What occurs is this. A sick, warped, criminally minded individual creates computer code to attach to your existing applications, or sit inside of or behind the scenes of your applications or data. Under the correct circumstances, such as time, application type that is executed, in an E-mail, or in the form of an application that has its own instruction set, this malicious code is placed into action. It can attach itself to word processor documentation. Thus infecting every single document that you open. It can then look inside your address book and make behind the scenes E-mails to everyone you know in this address book. Sending them the virus too. It may be in the form of a virus that recalculates spreadsheet data. This type of infection can result in lost revenue, incorrect data etc. Some virus types will look for and delete specific data types on your computer system. Others can live in the memory of the system. These types will load when the system loads infecting all of the memory on the system that applications run from. Others can even damage the Operating system startup files. These will render the system un-startable.

Lets first take a look at a few of the most common formats that viruses and malicious attacks can occur to your system. Listed bellow are some of the most common ways a system becomes infected.

      Contaminated Floppy Diskettes

      Connected to the Internet

      Connected to a local or other remote network

      Allowing media from other computer systems to be executed on your machine with testing first

      Lack of an installed antivirus program

      Improper maintenance of the antivirus softwares pattern file updates

      Antivirus software version is out of date and no longer supported

      Lack of proper maintenance for Operating system files

      Lack of proper maintenance for office suite applications

      Lack of proper maintenance for E-mail software applications

OK, so now that we have listed a few of the major areas of concern, what can we do to maintain all of the dangerous possible areas that our systems can become contaminated from? Or you may already have an infection and need immediate attention to correct, repair, or retrieve data or damaged files from the infection or malicious intrusion.


Yellowstone Computer Service has identified several ares that need to be tested to provide you with a secure environment. These are several major areas that need to be addressed.

      Scan, test, and identify the current system for a possible infection

      Check Operating system version and related security patches and updates

      Check office suite application version and related security patches and updates

      Check E-mail system version and related security patches and updates

      Install a current antivirus software application with current pattern files

      Diagnosis and repair of systems that will not startup from virus infections

      Remove the virus infections from the computer system and repair damaged files

      Stay up to date on the news and infections that are current and widespread.


We offer services to address all of the above-mentioned areas, as well as a monthly newsletter that is provided to all of our antivirus customers. Please contact us for further information regarding this service. We offer several options to assist you with these needs.


      One-time service repairs

      System test, diagnosis and recommendations

      Individual service plans to maintain protection levels.

      Maintenance plans for groups to maintain protection levels.

      Repair of network system infections


In addition to utilizing our service, we will add you to our monthly antivirus newsletter. This news letter contains information on not only virus infections, but it also includes specific information regarding Operating system updates, E-mail updates, antivirus software news and information and updates to virus engines and pattern files.


Here are a few of the common antivirus software links you can find updates at.


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You can contact us at: virusinfo@e-ycs.com