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The Economical Student System is a great all around work horse which is designed to provide a powerful fast computing, anda turn key solution for connecting to the Internet. This system offers very good performance speed, ease of use and connection, and is fully upgradeable. We designed this system with our students in mind. If offers software to complete spreadsheets, word processing, simple database designs, charts, graphing and more! It has all the necessary hardware to allow connection to home and college campus Internet providers and networks. It is built on the state of the art Intel PIV processor, with faster memory, more file data storage space, faster video, and faster components

System Specs:

Economical Student System List Price $575

System can be upgraded with


  1. More memory
  2. Faster Processors
  3. Larger Hard Drives
  4. Faster Video Technology
  5. CDRW & DVD Options
  6. And more!

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