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The Power User System machines are built on state of the art technology. They feature no compromise system components , running on the fastest chip sets, faster system memory, most powerful processors, and include more memory and storage. Professional grade video and sound technology.

This system is designed with the best in performance and raw number crunching speed, ease of use and connection, and it too is fully upgradeable. We designed this system with our Power Users and Gamer's in mind. If offers software to complete spreadsheets, word processing, database designs, charts, graphing and more! It has all the necessary hardware to allow connection to home and college campus Internet providers and networks. It is built on the state of the art Intel PIV processor, with even faster memory, more file data storage space, very fast video, and high end internal components. We have added a CDR and a CDRW recorder to this machine so that you can record your own CD's for data backups, music etc.

The software configuration on this system has all of the latest patches, security updates, and fixes from Microsoft and related vendors. it includes Directx 9.x, Media Player 9.x and XPSP1a service packs. Office XP service packs, Antirus updates, Roxio updates, & more.

System Specs:

Powerful Small Business Solution System List Price starts at $1049 for the configuration n below.

System can be upgraded with


  1. More memory
  2. Faster Processors
  3. Larger Hard Drives
  4. Faster Video Technology
  5. CDRW & DVD Options
  6. And more!

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